Membrane N2 Generator System


Membrane N2 generator is the system to employ the membrane modules (bundling hollow fibers) to separate N2 from other gasses in the air and collect it to use as the inert gas.

Our membrane N2 generator system can be flexibly scaled either up or down according to the loading capacity and designed to achieve the purity you need (95~99.9%).

膜式窒素ガス 発生装置ユニット

Membrane N2 generator unit


The system mainly consists of –

・ Air compressor
to pressurize and feed air into the air treatment unit.

・ Air treatment unit
assembling oxygen analyzer, air filters, control panel, instruments etc. placed altogether on a skid, to condition and optimize the fed air

・Membrane unit
holding the membrane modules

System Features and Advantages

The membrane modules used for our N2 generator employ air separation method in room temperature.
The difference of the relative permeability of gasses in the air to the fibers extracts N2 gas as the fed air goes through a bundle of hollow fibers.

Unwanted gasses (e.g. oxygen) are just released into the atmosphere without generating any waste. High-purity N2 gas produced by the generator is so clean and dry that it is very fitting for chemical and product tankers which cargoes have to be kept away from any impurities.

Introduction Movie

Air compressor
Control panel
Membrane unit