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Fire Pump

This is used for discharging water to other ships on fire to help their fire-fighting.

Emergency Fire Pump

This is the pump for shipboard fires, supplied power from an  emergency generator in case of failure of main power source.

N2 Generator
(Packaged Type)

This system generates nitrogen gas to lower the oxygen concentration in cargo holds.

Autopilot System

This is used to control the navigation when the ship is in automatic navigation mode.


It uses a gyroscope, a wheel rapidly spinning inside a frame, to tell the direction of true north.

Doppler Log

This system measures the Doppler effect to determine the navigation speed of the ship.

Portable Gas Free Fan

This is the system to supply air to enclosed spaces such as cargo holds.

Marine Auxiliary Engine

This is to generate power necessary for general services on ships.


This is used to dehumidify cargo holds.

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