Corporate History

1951Received an order from the U.S. Navy for portable air foam fire extinguishers.

1965Concluded a technical licensing agreement with Thomson Ship Cranes, U.K., and founded Japan Thomson Ship Cranes Ltd. for the design, manufacture, and sale of Thomson derrick.

IGS / Nisseki-maru

1975Developed original inert gas generator system and brought it to market.


1984Construction of Tsukuba Works was completed as technical R&D center, and the engineering department was transferred there.

High expansion foam system

1999Opened a liaison office in Busan for marketing in shipbuilding industry in Korea. In the following year, established the local corporation “Kashiwa Korea Co., Ltd.”

2001Completed the development of water-based local fire-fighting system (Hyper Mist).

Membrane N2 generator system

2013Acquired SEAMATE INC.
Commenced the sale of marine outfitting equipment.

2016Established Kashiwa Vietnam in Hai Phong.


2018Renewed testing facilities in Tsukuba Works.

1947Three brothers of Yamashita family, Saburo and Haro who had run Yamashita Steamship and embarked on shipping trade from early days of 20th century, and Toyoro together established Kashiwa Company to deal in CO2 fire extinguishers as their main commercial item.

1953Installed the first deck foam fire-fighting system on board the tanker, “Perusha-maru” built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries at  Nagasaki dockyard, making the memorable first step as a manufacturer of marine fire-fighting systems.

1970Concluded a technical licensing agreement with W. C. Holmes, U.K., for the manufacture and sale of inert gas systems.
The first unit was installed on “Nisseki-maru” owned by Tokyo Tanker (now known as JX Ocean).

1976Received a lot of orders for external fire-fighting systems for tugboats and fireboats for oil refinery plants, and special ships for the Japan Coast Guard.

Tsukuba Works

1992Completed the development of high expansion foam fire-fighting system for machinery rooms as a replacement of Halon system and bought it to market.

2000Completed the development of high expansion foam fire-fighting system for car decks of car carriers. In the following year, delivered the first unit.

2004Commenced the design and manufacture of Membrane N2 generator system.

PSA N2  generator system

2012Commenced the sale of Ballast water management system (Microfade™).

2015Acquired HI-TAK, a specialist of precise deep hole drilling.

Kashiwa Vietnam

2017Acquired Shoei Seiki Co., Ltd., a specialist of precision machining.

Testing facilities in Tsukuba Works