Affiliated Companies




SEAMATE INC. was founded in 1994 with the aim of contributing to Japan’s shipbuilding and maritime industry by offering products of optimum quality and price.

Since then, based on their fundamental principle of ‘win-win’ with their customers ans partners, SEAMATE has been working at building mutual trust, connecting their wills, and realizing their dreams.

SEAMATE is mainly engaged in the manufacture and sales of ship-related equipment including water ingress alarm systems, hold frame inspection ladders, and steel fittings. SEAMATE is determined not to be bound by any conventional ideas, but to propose innovative ideas to bring changes to the society.

The goal is to “contribute to the society by bringing hopes and dreams into reality through innovative ideas and thinking.”

SHOWA Industry Co., Ltd.



SHOWA Industry Co., Ltd. was established in Tondabayashi, Osaka, in 1965. They are specialized not only in plate working and sheet metal processing, but casting, processing, and assembling of products made of such metals as bronze, iron, and aluminum. They also manufacture chain conveyors, pumps for various devices, and centrifugal pumps.

SHOWA Industry supplies Kashiwa with such components as diesel-engine-driven emergency fire pumps, motor-driven gear pumps, activation rockers for fire-fighting systems, foam generators for high expansion foam system, and diaphragm and breather valves. Their components are indispensable for Kashiwa’s high-quality products.




As a specialist of deep hole drilling, HI-TAK was founded in 2008.

Their technical capability is highly regarded and widely recognized in various industries, such as medical, aerospace, automobile, and machine tool, and contributes a lot to enhancing manufacturing technologies in Japan.

Their original gun drills make it possible to manufacture super precise, high-quality products, allowing us to handle various requests from our customers. HI-TAK joined in Kashiwa group in April, 2015 and opened their second factory to accommodate their growing business.

Awards: Award from director of Shizuoka Foundation for the Promotion of Industry, Recognition as a company taking the leading role in local community, Award of excellence from Shizuoka Bank for entrepreneurs.

“What we make is bright and clear future through Deep Hole.”

Shoei Seiki Co., Ltd.



Shoei Seiki was established in Kofu, Yamanashi in 1970 and joined in Kashiwa group in January, 2018.

Shoei Seiki is specialized in machining precision components with a NC automatic lathe, CNC combined lathe, general-purpose lathe, or machining center.

Since its foundation, all the personnel working in Shoei Seiki have been proud of their craftsmanship and unremittingly honed their skills to manufacture whatever their customers request, such as prototypes, products in low-volume high-variety, mass-produced products, or high-quality or high-value added products.

Shoeu Seiki believes “nothing is impossible in manufacturing”, pursuing their high ideals of workmanship.

Techno Kashiwa Corporation



Techino Kashiwa Corporation deals in various types of heaters, including self-regulating electric heaters of their own brand and of Raychem in USA.

Techino Kashiwa offers you a comprehensive solution for heat, which includes not only design and installation of heaters but also arrangement of related wiring and insulation works as well as design and production of control panels, thus contributing to energy saving and efficiency.

As the leading company of the industry, they are fully experienced in helping you to control and manage heat for both marine and onshore environment, for example freeze-proofing, snow-melting, and thermal insulation on LNG tankers, patrol boats, warships, chemical tankers or offshore structures, and for freeze-proofing and thermal insulation of pipes and tanks in food processing, chemical, or power plants.