Inert Gas System (IGS)


IGS is the system that desulfurizes, deducts, and cools down exhaust gas from boilers in the scrubber and delivers the purified inert gas into cargo tanks via fans and a backflow preventer to prevent explosion.

Inert gas scrubber


The system mainly consists of the scrubber, inert gas fans, oxygen analyzer, control valves, deck water seal and PV breaker and is controlled by the control panel in cargo control room or engine control room.

System Features

Venturi scrubber, the ideal method among wet systems for removing dusts, and packed towers filled with high-performance packing materials for desulfurization are used to supply clean inert gas.
Such materials as anti-corrosive steel, special coating and rubber lining are used to be fully resistant against strong corrosiveness of sulfurous acid gas.


Topping-up IGG System

This system supplies relatively small amount of inert gas for topping-up during the voyage without running large IGS.
This could eliminate the need for running a boiler with high load and additional generators to activate the inert gas fans. Besides, such resources as electricity and fuel oil can also be minimized for topping-up.


inert gas generator system

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Inert gas scrubber
Oxygen analyzer
Inert gas fans
PV breaker
Deck water sea
Control pane