We are all aware of the necessity to protect vulnerable environment of the earth, and that is of great concern to the shipping industry as well.

Vessels navigating across the seas and waters around the world are therefore required by the IMO regulations to take specific measures to minimize adverse effect on the environment. We are offering environment protection systems which help you bring your ships in harmony with the IMO environmental regulations that get more stringent year by year.

Types of Environment Protection Systems

Ballast Water Management SystemThis is the system to remove and sterilize plankton and microbes in the ballast water held on the ship.
(Kashiwa is the distributing agent for the product of Kuraray Co., Ltd.)
Exhaust Gas Cleaning SystemThis is the system to clean the exhaust gas emitted from the ship to mitigate environmental load.
(Kashiwa is the sales agency in Japan for the product of Clean Marine, Norway.)