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ISO9001 certified

Since 2000, Kashiwa has been certified according to ISO9001 which
is the international standards for quality management system.
Our certification has been updated to ISO9001:2008, and in 2017,
to ISO9001:2015 which is the latest version of the standards.
We are determined to keep improving our quality management system
to fully satisfy our customers' needs.

Kashiwa's motto:
"All hands think of, take action for, and participate in the quality improvement"
"All hands think what to do and put it into practice for the quality improvement"

Quality Policy                                       Established on June 1, 2017
We are determined to-
1. make every effort to satisfy our Customers' needs.
2. set a quality objective and strive to achieve it for the practical
implementation of the policy and verify its achievement.
3. comply with all relevant legal requirements.
4. provide all personnel with adequate training and education to
ensure their competence for their duties.
5. periodically review this Quality Policy and relevant regulations
thereof, and the management system for the continuous improvement
of the quality management system.
Kashiwa Co.,Ltd.
Chief Executive Officer    Yoshiro Yamashita

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