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OceanSaver AS was established in February 2003 with the sole purpose of developing an efficient and unique solution for Ballast Water Treatment(BWT). Headquaartered in Drammen Norway,40 km from Oslo,with employees from the marine supply business, the company is a leading supplier with unique know-how,competence and hands-on experience of Ballast Water Treatment Systems. We,Kashiwa as a marker of toptal marine hazard prevention system are in partnership with OceanSavar as sole sales agent in Japan.


OceanSaver®MarkUtrade; and its Advantages

  • C2E TM produces very efficient oxidant(Hypochlorous acid(HCIO) and Hypobromeous species(HBrO) which works well with such low density as 2.5 ppm or less.it markes the system possible to sterilize efficiently and rapid decay of TRO level,furthermore it does not affect the coating of ballast tank.
  • The OceanSaver BWTS can be installed on any vessel,regardless of size,trade and type.
  • OceanSaver's unique design features an "Approval in principle" for gas hazardous areas(issued by DNV)which is incorporated into the type Approval.This allows ocean Saver to offer a fully approved solution without any limitation to ships which have gas hazardous areas.
  • At de-ballasting,No treatment required,No Power consumption.And gravity discharge is possible.

G8 Type Approval (TA): Approved in Dec. 2011 by DNV on behalf of Norway Gov.
AMS Certificate: Accepted in Sep. 2013 by USCG


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