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The multitude of marine species carried in ships' ballast water has become an environmental issue due to its adverse impact on marine biodiversity. Accordingly, the IMO adopted "the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ship's Ballast Water and Sediments, 2004." Kuraray with accumulated technologies on water treatment business and Kashiwa as a maker of total marine hazard prevention systems have co-operated with each other, and developed a Ballast Water Management System that suites for new building ships' as well as existing ships' installation. This is MICROFADE™ using a special filter for power-saving, small space and safe.


MICROFADE™ and its Advantages

  • Stable and reliable performance
    Automatic backwashing enables the filters to have a long service life. Adoption of replaceable filter cartridges and an easy-to-handle chemical agent ensures stable and reliable performance of the system
  • Power-saving
    Power requirements are greatly reduced by the use of both the super-fine filter and the safe chemical agent. A system that can treat 250m³/h requires only 1.2kW/h, demonstrating its suitability to existing ships, including large vessels
  • Adaptability
    The system employs both a super-fine filter and a chemical agent to treat all kinds of water, such as brackish water, fresh water, or high-turbidity water. This chemical agent also efficiently inhibits the regrowth of plankton and bacteria

MICROFADE™ Image of Installation

MICROFADE™ Image of Installation
G8 Type Approval (TA): Approved in May 2012 by Japanese Government
AMS Certificate:  Accepted in October 2014 by USCG


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